The Strategic mistake of the American policy in the Middle East


The Strategic mistake of the American policy in the Middle East

Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – It is bizarre when the spokeswoman of the White House denounces the killings of the innocent civilians of Gaza, yet declining to hold Israel responsible for these horrendous massacres committed against the civilians in Gaza. All foreign journalists and observers in the field testify that Israel is killing these civilians in cold blood in order to pressure the resistance in Gaza to accept unconditional ceasefire.


A ceasefire which will keep Gazzans strangulated by the most brutal and unfair siege imposed on Gaza since Hamas won election in 2006. What is worse about the American stance is its unconditional bias to Israeli; yet this bias has developed into criminal partnership. Israel is killing the innocent Palestinians by using American weapons which are given for free by the American Administration.


What aggravates this situation more is the recent announcement of the Pentagon of dispatching mortar shells and bombs to Israel because the Israeli stock started to run out of them. This fact can be added to reports that more than 3000 American soldiers are helping the Israelis in the ongoing war on Gaza.

We in Palestine understand very well the pressure the American Administration is going through in order to keep up with this traditional policy of Unconditional support to Israeli.  We understand that there are certain rules regulations coined by the Zionists in America in order to restrict the Americans from expressing their views freely. These restrictions are enhanced by regulations such as Affirmative , political correctness, anti Semitic laws, and others. We do expect the Americans to protest against these regulations by questioning their validity, and whether these rules serve the interests of American in the long run.


We  Palestinians, the Arab, and the Muslim world strongly believe that the American administration is committing a strategic mistake by supporting Israel, the occupier against the real victims, the occupied and the besieged Palestinians. The policy of USA in the Middle East is inculcating the feeling of hatred and grudge against America, and here we are not taking about thousands or millions but rather about 400 million of Arabs, 1.5 billion Muslims, and perhaps about the same number of freedom loving people around the world who are supporting the just cause of the Palestinians.


We in Palestine strongly advise the American administration to relinquish its support to Israel and at least to be an objective peace broker rather than an enemy for the Palestinians, the Arabs, the Muslims, and the freedom loving people around the globe.