The Dismembered Body of a Handicapped Girl Shows the Brutality of Israel’s War


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Abu Rejaili, age 25, kneels down on the pavement and embraces the remains of what is left of his sister, Taghreed. Her body  was found dismembered Friday morning in the town of Khuza’a, east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. She was struck by an Israeli bomb and after a full week of questioning whether it was Taghreed, a medical analysis confirmed that it was her body.

Abu Rejaili screamed in horror as he saw what happened to his sister due to the Israeli strike. He rushed to cover her body.

Abu Rejaili throws himself again near his sister’s limp body, unphased by the sound of the bombing and strikes occurring yet again. The place smells of decomposed bodies and all around people do nothing but cry and embrace the body.

This shocking scene was discovered after the announcement of a supposed  72-hour humanitarian ceasefire between resistance factions and Israel, however it only lasted three hours before the Israeli bombardment resumed.
While mourning, Abu Rejaili talks of how he was yelling at family members to take cover from the Israeli bombardment of the Eastern parts of Khan Yunis.

As he embraces the body of his sister, he recalls how they fled their home a week ago leaving everything they owned behind and taking everyone they could including Taghreed in her wheelchair.

And suddenly the Israeli bombs rained on their residence, the neighboring houses and the streets of Khuza’a. “It seemed like an earthquake or a tsunami…people were all separated from one another including our family” he recounts sadly.

” After the bombardment we started looking for my sister. My mother screamed, ‘Taghreed where are you?!’ And I was calling out for her, so was my father. We separated to search for her at school shelters,  hospitals and neighbors.”
But they did not expect to find their daughter’s body in the street decomposing.

The Red Cross medical staff informed us to expect that the she had died because it was impossible to enter the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Yunis due to the heavy rubble and debris.

A passerby points out angrily “What did a handicapped person do to deserve this?!”.
Abu Rejaili is demanding that the international community conduct a war crime investigation into Israel’s bombardment of civilians in Gaza.

Due to Israel’s violation of the ceasefire, it was not possible to uncover other shocking and horrific scenes in the eastern neighborhoods of Khan Yunis. Witnesses state that dozens of decomposed bodies are found under the ruins of houses and the smell of death is spread in every alley.

Despite the ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip for the past 26 days, Palestinian medical crews are continuing to find a number of bodies under the rubble of destroyed homes in the Khuza’a region.

According to Palestinian human rights agencies, the Israeli air force launched hundreds of air raids in several towns and villages, deliberately targeting houses and farms all while tanks are simultaneously shelling from the ground.  This resulted in the further killing and wounding of dozens of Palestinians civilians.

Translated by: Widad Abdulhadi Saad

Anadoul Agency


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