Philip Hollobone MP ignores Palestinian deaths in Gaza, defends Israel


London, (Palestine Telegraph) – On the 14th of July, Israeli war on Gaza was a topic for discussion at the Houses of Commons, where a number of MPs expressed their deep concern and asked the British government to act immediately. Others showed support to Israel and defended its actions.

Within the discussion at the Parliament Mr Philip Hollobone stated, “The tragedy of Gaza is that, following the Israeli withdrawal in 2005, the Palestinians had a golden opportunity to create a model of how a Palestinian state would be run to give the Israelis the confidence ultimately to withdraw from the west bank. Instead, however, Hamas took over from Fatah and decided to spend all its money not on vital infrastructure but on building up an arsenal of 11,000 rockets. Where did those rockets come from to get into the Gaza strip? Is my right hon. Friend confident that the Egyptians have closed down the tunnels, the tolls from which fund Hamas in all its criminal activity in the Gaza strip?”

Philip Hollobone MP is a member of Conservatives Friends of Israel (CFI) and visited Israel in a delegation organized by the group.

Mr. Hollobone understands the conflict mostly from the side of the Israelis as he states, “To my mind, the CFI visit was a perfect introduction to understanding the hugely complicated issues that surround Israel and its neighbours”. Philip Hollobone MP

He also participated in a number of events organized by the CFI.


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