Peace Failure in Middle East: Who’s to blame?



Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – Its crystal clear that attempts to make peace in the Middle East has totally failed. The entire Israeli refusal of basic peace principles has led to this failure. The Israeli government led by the current rightist Israeli leader of the Likud Party, Primer Netanyahu, gave no chance for even talking about peace.


Netanyahu’s government and since its coming into power didn’t show a single sign of its openness towards peace. His government even refused to freeze the so-called settlements (colonies) in the West Bank.  The freeze it had made for a few months didn’t include Jerusalem and the building continued secretly in most of the settlements. Netanyahu’s refusal of any peace solutions is based on a few elements. The first,is his great fear of his government’s collapse.

If Netanyahu ever thinks of freezing settlement building or cutting the budget for settlements, the parties of his coalition like SHAS and Israel Bietuna will certainly leave his government. These parties didn’t join his government  – until many concessions were made by Netanyahu-like offering more budget for the settlements and offering the sensitive Foreign Affairs Ministry position to Avigdgor Liberman who is considered in Israel as a Mafia leader.

The other reason is the legacy being undertaken by this recent government. Successive Israeli governments from the far rights to the far left didn’t make real concessions regarding settlements or made any real compromise. All of the previous governments continued to build settlements although they are all illegal – based on 1967 UN resolution.  They adopted the same strategies. Even the previous government of Olmert only offered the idea of land swap to keep settlements as they are. The USA which plays a key one sided role in favor of Israel is to be blamed here.

USA and its leadership didn’t act as a neutral peace mediator. It has/had only pressured Palestinians to come for Negotiations. It has even failed to discontinue the so called settlement freeze. This so-called mediator offered Israel deals of weapons –  estimated to be millions of dollars, and the American taxpayers will be the ones to pay We also got to know from one of Wiklieaks cables  – that touched upon the American-Israeli hidden deals  – to continue building settlements. In a leaked document, Israeli “Defense” minister, Ehud Barack, told a French official that there is a deal between Israel and the US to continue the so-called natural growth of the settlements.

On the other side, we can clearly see a failed Palestinian leadership. A leadership of old-new and new-old faces led by Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO members. Those officials are blinded to their failure. Their strategies for peace have failed. Palestinians are fed up of seeing Saeb Erekat speaking about hopes and peace aspirations. They are also fed up of seeing their leadership adopting the choice of negotiating while the siege is suffocating Gaza.

The current leadership has failed completely and in some people’s mind they have no choice but to leave office. Solving the Palestinian Authority (PA) problem is the ideal choice at the moment for Israel – as Israel Is obviously still manipulating and is escaping any real attempts – to making real peace. This choice will be vital because solving the PA will bring back the reasonability of control – on the shoulder of the occupier, Israel. After the Oslo accord, Israel managed to put this responsibility on the PA.  Israel should face the facts on the ground. Since it is not interested in peace it has to deal with the facts that West Bank and Gaza are under occupation and they are responsible for the welfare/well-being of these places and their people.

By sameh Habeeb

Palestinian Journalist




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