On the Bombing the Islamic University of Gaza


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Again the army of Israel, the Zionist and the most racist and undemocratic power in the world is targeting the Islamic University of Gaza. The first attack was in 2008 when Israel launched a massive military offence in Gaza; the American Jet fighters, F16 which were given for free to Israel bombarded the Labs buildings and leveled it to the ground. The Israeli’s allegations at that time were that Hamas was hiding weapons in the basement of that building. It was then the Zionists were put to shame when the rubble was removed in the presence of observers and journalists, and no weapon was fond; what was found was mere equipment for scientific experiment and some of uncompleted project.


Yesterday and during this ongoing offensive in Gaza, the Zionist army bombarded the admin building; yet the claim this time was much more hilarious. This claim was made the king of terror, Benjamin Netanyahu. He said the army targeted the IUG because it provides logistics for Terror.


IUG which is a member in International University Union is one of the most prestigious educational Insinuations in Palestine. IUG is renowned for its teaching staff, for academic programs, and for highly qualified graduates. IUG is a very transparent academic institution which serves the most impoverished community in Gaza. IUG which has many ties with European and American Universities boast itself for its contribution to the world knowledge by conducting joint research with these universities.


Of Course Education for Netanyahu is source of terror; this is the exactly the major paradigm of the colonial ideology; it is an ideology which is based on denying the occupied the right to education. Netanyahu knows that Education is a dangerous weapon in the hand of the oppressed. We at IUG feel very proud of our graduates who help to improve our local community; we are very proud of our skillful graduates who compete in the local, regional, and the global job markets. We are very proud of our graduates who conduct very creative research in diverse fields.


Yes, Education for Netanyahu is very dangerous, and in this sense, targeting Palestinian Educational institutions is part of the sacred self defense, which is unfortunately supported by Obama, and Kerry. Israel according to them has the right to defend itself by killing innocent civilians, by destroying houses, hospitals, and mosques. And finally, Israel has the right to defend itself by destroying educational insinuations in Gaza.


Targeting educational Insinuations should remain a badge of shame stuck on the forehead of Netanyahu and whoever supports him. We at the Islamic University appeal to all freedom loving people in the world and the entire academic institutions to rise and assume their responsibility by boycotting all Israeli universities and helping to bring the Israeli criminals to justice.


By Dr. Akram Habeeb

Assistant Professor of American Literature



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