National Demonstration in London


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Tens of thousands of people took part in the national demonstration on Saturday 27 July 2014, against Israel’s war on Gaza.

Another purpose of the protest was to call for an arms embargo.

Countless people, travelling from various cities around the country, came down to the capital; waving their placards and banners in support of the Palestinian people.

One banner read: “Well done Israel. Hitler would’ve been proud” and another included world leaders David Cameron and Barack Obama as “jokers” with quotes “I love killing women and children” underneath their images.

Protestors gathered at the Israeli embassy at High Street Kensington before the march down to Parliament Square began.

The march was roughly an hour and a half to two hours which was followed by a rally near the Parliament building in Westminster.

Protests were taking place in other British cities and over the entire globe.


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