Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Palestine Telegraph:

Mission Statement

For a long time, the Palestinian cause has been forgotten by mainstream media outlets. The International Media that does cover Palestinian news does it through a one-sided perspective, favoring Israel. These media channels and agencies show relentless biases for Israel via the words and failing to report on the entire story. That is, more often than not, only one perspective–an Israeli one–is shown to the overwhelming majority of the viewing audience. The most recent example of this is the assault on Gaza that erupted on December 27, 2008 and ended on January 17, 2009. It killed 1,412 human beings and injured countless others. The majority were women and children.

Mainstream media outlets presented a distorted and biased view of the actual facts on the ground during the war. In particular, mainstream media attempted to manipulate the facts to portray the Palestinians as the one who started the war. However, the footages, features and photos done by Gazans helped to provide a balance. The war and its portrayal by mainstream media led a group of Palestinian and International Journalists to found The Palestine Telegraph, a Palestinian-independent, online newspaper, led by Gazan Journalist Sameh A. Habeeb. The Palestine Telegraph seeks to provide the balance not offered in English-based mainstream media. It offers the voice of Palestine in an English-based platform.


The Palestine Telegraph/PT is the first Electronic Newspaper based in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, staffed by Palestinians and international volunteers; professional journalists and members of the New Fourth Estate – citizen journalists who do not take assignments from editors or paychecks from corporate controlled media.

The PT staff aspires to move the paper from an online-based source to print media in order to increase awareness worldwide. In the future and if the logistics are available, the PT will print in additional languages spoken around the world.


The Palestine Telegraph is dedicated to changing our world through Palestinian journalistic viewpoint. This generation will not endure the denial of their inalienable human rights. They will know a life of liberty, which means freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Palestine Telegraph is an all volunteer effort – our words, photos, and videos are our only weapons and our doors are wide open to thoughtful, committed citizens, who seek to change the world.

The Palestine Telegraph welcomes submissions from professional journalists, citizen journalists, and all forces for peace and justice.

The Palestine Telegraph will give voice to those forgotten, forsaken and beaten down by the powerful. The media must become a sanctuary for dissent and advocate for those crying unheard.