Israeli aviation and tourism losses exceeds $150 million


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Aggression on Gaza,  topples Israeli Airlines revenue.

The warnings of the United States to its nationals not to travel to the West Bank or Gaza or (Israel) during the current period, and in addition to the previous flights cancellation of Polish, Korean, French, German and Norwegian airlines to Israel’s  Ben Gurion Airport, led the Israeli Airlines to incur mounting losses.

El Al Airlines (Israel’s largest airlines) said on Wednesday 23-7-2014, that the initial estimates of losses as a result of the fall back of airline bookings during the past weeks, and projected within the next two months, to be over 40-50 million dollars.

These losses and according to a statement issued by the company, are due to the cancellation of thousands of passenger bookings to and from (Israel) during the third quarter of the year, which is the season of summer holidays and tourism in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel Radio said and according to the Israeli Aviation Authority officials earlier this week, that there was a 25% drop in airport traffic during the past two weeks.

Officials said that the main reasons for this drop, were the rockets launched from Gaza in the vicinity of the airport, followed by threats of the Al-Qassam Brigades of the Hamas military, that warned  passengers not to go to the airport, in preparation for its’ bombing.

The Declining number of travel bookings led to great losses in the tourist industry in (Israel). As announced on  Monday 21-7-2014 by the Israel Hotel Association,  it exceeds half a billion dollars.

The Association also said that these losses are distributed between the loss of hotels of up to 100 million dollars, and Israeli markets (retail market) which was deprived of new consumers with losses estimated at 200 million dollars, and tourism facilities (120) million, and the Israeli tax authority (75) million dollars.


Ahmed Al- Natshe, one of the travel agents in Jaffa (in Israel), said that the current tourism season was the worst in 12 years, “where the last time we suffered from the lack of tourists was in 2002, when the Al-Aqsa intifada was at its peak.”

In an interview with Anatolia News Agency he said: “even internal tourism decreased by 80%, compared to the same period last year,” adding that “most touristic facilities visited, are in South (Israel), and is subject to the Gaza rockets.”

The Israeli has launched air, ground, and sea attack since July 8th. He called it “steadfast shelf”, which caused in killing 635 Palestinian civilians, and wounding more than 4020 others, this until 4 a.m. Wednesday (01: 00 GMT), according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

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Translated by Sawsan Khalaf


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