Israel is never ready for peace


Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – It has been more than 63 years now since the Nakba. Palestinians have gone through and still have many dilemmas in their political, social and economic life. Peace seems to be as far as the sun. It’s entirely out of reach. The Middle East is one or two steps away from great instability. Israeli manipulations in the Peace process are a key aspect for this upcoming instability.


Arab regimes allied with Israel in the Middle East are collapsing. It’s a matter of time before we see new leaderships that will be closer to the people’s aspirations and views; People who perceives Israel as their great enemy.  Time is not in Israel favor; Israel should act quickly and adopt the choice of peace in the region. Rights should be given back to Palestinians before the zero minute comes. Arab populations believe that Israel is their greater enemy, which is an idea that backed by Israeli actions against Palestinians.

Israeli practices of apartheid, segregation, siege, killing and land theft are only enflaming those people. These actions give us signal that Israel is working towards its ultimate goals of a pure Jewish state based on racism and segregation. It tries to make it hard for Palestinians to live in their land.

Those who oppose my views in this article might reckon it is biased. However, it is not. It is only based on facts. If we read the disclosed documents leaked by AlJazeera we will come to solid facts that Israeli is not interested in peace. Some of the documents revealed, tell us how Palestinians gave up on Jerusalem and its borders. Yet, Israelis didn’t accept. They didn’t accept the offer of the Palestinian negotiators, bearing in mind Jerusalem was occupied in 1967 and should be returned to Palestinians by UN resolutions.

Jerusalem was not the only signal. Offers from Palestinian negotiators appear to be of the minimal that Palestinian aspires regarding Palestinian refugees. Those negotiators offered the return of tens of thousands of Palestinians in 10 years time. Such numbers represent a very tiny percent of the Palestinian refugees; the actual number is estimated in the millions. Yet, Israel refused! Does this tell us that Israel is interested in peace?
One other clear message from these leaked documents is the land exchange. This tells us about Israeil racism. The intention of Israel was clear that they wanted to get the road of the Arab population inside “Israel”. Is this a sign that Israeli seeks peace?

By Sameh A. Habeeb

A Palestinian Journalist and Writer


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