Israel bombs scored of civilian targets across Gaza


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – A Palestinian child, Ebrahim Zohar Al Dowasah, aged 10 years has been killed during an Israeli air strike which targeteda group of civilians while worshiping in Al Noor mosque in north Gaza, this boy was the first victim after the end the 3-days of ceasefire.

Israeli P.M, Benjamin Netanyahu and his defense Minister Yaalon, gave orders to the Israeli army to attack civilians in the Gaza strip.

Israel aircrafts missiles and artillery shells bombed many residential houses beside the AL Noor mosque in Abu Iskandar area resulting in injuring one civilian. A house for a Abu Assi family in Al zaytun south of Gaza strip was also attacked, medical sources did not confirm any casualties.

Unmanned military aircraft launched one rocket on a hospital association in Jaffa Street in the Tuffah neighborhood resulting without casualties.

The Israeli artillery continued bombing on eastern and northern areas of Gaza strip since ending the ceasefire this morning.

Different houses were also attacked in eastern, northern and southern parts of Gaza. More than 15 people were wounded and were admitted to Alshifaa hospital including 3 children and 4 women.

Meanwhile, Palestinian fighters launched short-range rockets towards Israel as the second refused to end the siege on Gaza and end the plight of civilians.

More than 1900 Palestinians, mostly civilians were killed in the War which has been going on for more than 32 days. More than 10000 were also wounded.



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