Israel and the successive moral collapse


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Latest events in the occupied Palestinian territories has intensified the fascist Israeli image, and it’s moral collapse, also the Israeli society image in all of historical Palestinian land; which is the society full of Nazi like behavior, as well as the fascist towards all Palestinian citizens who are the native population of Palestine. Israeli society became saturated with arrogance and believing to the bones with only the logic of power and nothing else in the era of the American “superman”.

Assassination of Jerusalem Palestinian boy, Mohammad Abu Khedair who was burned alive, materialized the social and moral deep crisis within Israel, and to show the entire world the true face of Israel. This was pointed out by former American President Bill Clinton, who made public and direct statements in the past few days “Gaza strip has exposed Israel in front of the whole world and international community and isolated it even further”

In a new Israeli war crime, four martyr children from the same family were killed by direct shelling from an Israeli naval vessel, near Alsheraa café on Gaza seashore, while they were innocently playing there. The martyr children are: Ahed Atef Baker (10 years), Zakarya Ahed Baker (10 years), Mohammad Ramez Baker (11 years), Ismail Mohmmad Baker (9 years).

Israel savage behavior this time aimed at exterminating whole families, in tens on Gaza seashores and inside its heavily populated neighborhoods while aiming to take one of Hamas members or any of the Palestinian resistance members. Are these martyrs, which some had no shame in considering them as just dead or killed, are a human expression representing the Palestinian people, and their just cause? Or are they just “terrorists” members of “Hamas” or “Islamic Jihad” or any other resistance group?

The hard facts has proven over the past few years that the terrorism of the Zionist state is deeply rooted within, and the power madness is still rules in Israeli logic, the terror that the Israeli settlers and groups carry out is wide spread in the community.

Here, even the hero of Qana massacre which killed tens of civilian Lebanese during 2006 summer season, Former Israeli head of state, Shimon Peres and his latest announcement on the 8th day of attacking Gaza strip, described bombing Gaza from jetfighters as a moral dilemma, and but justifying to what is happening by saying: “we have limited alternatives as long as Hamas keep firing rockets at Israelis”. Adding “The situation in Gaza is horrific and tragic, but we can’t keep matters hanging in the air”

The Israeli right wing, and even a large part of what’s called “Zionist left wing” voices are rising and calling in the mayhem of moral down fall of Netenyaho’s government, to seize the opportunity and completely destroy Gaza strip entirely, and to expand the assassination of all military and political leadership members specially the ones that have popularity among the people in Gaza strip and even in the west bank. Perhaps the silent American position is playing a role in escalating the Israeli position to be much more violent against Gaza strip and the all the Palestinians in general.

Israeli society is now much more extremist and right-winged than before, and has descended in morality and in values, to the extend that large numbers of it is satisfied about such an ugly thing as to kill and burn the Palestinian boy Mohammad Khudair, and also accepted a party such as the Russian Jews Party, with it’s very extreme slogans and practices and positions of all regional issues specially the ones related to Palestinian cause. The extremist Zionist party lead by Avigdor Lieberman called “Israel is our home” party, is now a fascist party with honors, with a global mentality and ideology, in a society that is transforming day by day to be more torn apart with multi-ethnic rooted people coming from all over the globe.

Lieberman’s party today represents a very racist front shining in the Zionist Jewish state sky, while the leader of this party sits in the most important position of decision making in Israel as a minister of Foreign affairs in the collation government controlled by the right wing and extreme right wing powers lead by “Likud” party, the only rightful heir of “Herut” Zionist party established by the extremist Vladimir Jabotinski. This party produced the most radical extremists such as Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir who shot dead the Swedish international mediator in Palestine Folke Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg shortly before announcing the Israel state existence.

At the end, the facts of what’s being done against the Palestinian people in Gaza strip of killing and Genocide, wouldn’t have happened if the political cover for it wasn’t provided to Netanyahu’s government along with the complete and practical American silence on these war crimes, the fall and descending of moral and values in the Israeli society phenomena and within the decision maker in the Zionist Jewish state. Here is the right opportunity for the official Palestinians and organizations to join the international organizations treaties, including Lahai agreement.
Palestinian writer

Ali Badwan
(Translated by: Khaled Abdel-Rahman)
Via Donia Al watn


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