Injuries in confrontations with the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem


Occupied Jerusalem, (Palestine Telegraph) – Dozens of Jerusalemites have been injured while other suffered suffocation cases during confrontations with Israeli occupation forces in many neighborhoods and villages in occupied Jerusalem.

Hani Halabieyh, a spokesman of public resistance committees said to Safa News Agency that violent confrontation erupted between Jerusalemites youths and Israeli occupation forces in Abu dees and Al aziria villages in eastern parts of city. Meanwhile the tear gasand rubber bullets have been fired resulting in injuring seven youths and leaving other with suffocation cases.

Halabieyh clarified that this confrontation came after a protest has been called by youth movement. The protest started from Abu dees town towards the Israeli Apartheid Wall in solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip, pointing out that the clashes lasted late into the night.

At Al esawia village, a lot of civilians suffered inhaling gas as Israeli army fired a barrage of sound and gas bombs against civilians.

A member of follow up committee, Mohamed AL Homos stated for Safa News Agency that a confrontation broke between a group of youth and Israeli forces which fired a gas bombs extensively.

Meanwhile, a lot of confrontations broke with Israeli forces in AL mokaber mount, Shoafat camp, Al Sowana neighborhood and Solwan village in solidarity with Gaza.


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