“I wanted to become a bride” says young girl burned by Israel in Gaza


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – The Israeli crimes have reached their peak at a time its war machine jets have not stopped throwing its rockets at different targets in the Gaza Strip. Occupation forces have used during its latest aggression on Rafah, east of the Gaza Strip unprecedented lethal missiles.

The Specialized Kuwaiti Hospital was transformed from a private hospital to one that stands witness to the arrogance of the Israeli occupation in targeting civilians. Following the shelling of Abu Yousef Al Najjar’s Hospital, the Kuwaiti Hospital received amongst others, members of the Zarab family, some were already dead and others were badly injured. The occupation forces deliberately targeted civilians and families directly and without prior warning.

Eighteen-year-old Shimaa Zarab spoke to Donia Al Watan of the details of the Israeli crime committed against her family. “We were sitting at home, we did not commit any crime and all of a sudden the missiles showered at us from all sides, and I don’t know what happened after that, all I remember is waking up in this hospital bed,” she explained. She continued while lying in her hospital bed in the intensive unit suffering from unbearable pain due to her severe injuries: “What has happened to us? I never imagined I could lose my family in this ugly way. But the occupation forces should know that no matter what with God willingness we will remain steadfast.”

The young girl went on to say: “My father and my mother died, I don’t know who is left from my family? I don’t understand what is our crime to have the occupation forces target our home and kill my family and shred us to pieces? This only shows their weakness.

Thirteen individuals were killed and three were injured when the house of Rafat Oudeh Zarab (35 years-old) was hit with three missiles by Israeli warplanes. Most of those killed and injured are children, women and elderly.

The martyrs that fell in this crime is an elderly woman by the name of Sabha Zarab (50 years-old), Rafat Zarab (35 years-old), Ahlam Zarab (30 year-old), Souad Zarab (30 years-old), Soha Zarab (30 years-old), Rami Zarab (15 years-old), Ameer Zarab, (15 years-old), Rawan Zarab, Walid Zarab, Sahed Zarab, Motasem Zarab, Khaled Zarab and Hmadah Zarab.

“I always wished to become the most beautiful bride and now I became the ugliest person on earth,” Shimaa suddenly said breaking the hearts of everyone in the room. She questioned her ambiguous future after she had lost her entire family. When one looks at Shimaa’s burnt body as a result of the missile that hit their home, one can’t but get emotional. “Our leaders along with the resistance forces should respond to the Israeli crimes that are committed against us every minute,” Shimaa said while holding the hand of her sister who also survived the Israeli shelling. Both girls try to comfort one another after losing their family.

The scene at this hospital is appalling, blood is everywhere and the bodies of martyrs and of those that are injured lie on the floor due to lack of space in the morgue or the lack of hospital beds. Despite the cruelty of such scenes, they have sadly become daily routine for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

“I hope to God my family is in heaven now, Shimaa went on to say. The young girl insisted that the resistance is the only way to get rid of the occupation and liberate Jerusalem. “What the Israeli occupation forces are doing is a crime against children, youth and women. There should be Arab and international unity against Israeli arrogance and this should materialize into tangible steps on the ground. No matter how much the Israelis destroy we will rebuild, this is the only way to victory because this is God’s promise,” Shimaa concluded by saying.

Translated by Samaa Abu Sharar


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