How Israel Killed the Children of the Anteez Family in Gaza


It is an awful scene at the home of the Anteez family, located in a neighborhood called Shoujahieh, just east of the city of Gaza. The family’s three children were killed during an Israeli shelling of their home, and the children’s’ remains lay throughout the house, painting the floor and the walls with their blood.

Some members of the Anteez family tried to gather the children’s remains, remains that were strewn across the hallways of what was their modest home.

Dr. Ashraf Al Kodra, spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, stated that the children were brought to Al-Shifa Hospital at 5 pm yesterday, their bodies torn to pieces.

The names of the deceased children are: Abed Ali Anteez (12 years old), Mohammad Shadi Anteez (15 years old), Mohammad Salem Anteez (4 years old).

One of the family members, Mohammad Anteez, was quoted saying to a reporter: “The Israeli military was so heavily bombing and shelling the area, it seemed as if the bombs were raining down on us. A large number of the family gathered in the house, and we sat under the stairs trying to find shelter from the bombing. What crime did these children commit? We were taking shelter in our home, why did they kill us?”

Umm Mohammad, one of the women of the family, also shared her account of what occurred, and said: “It was a terrible, awful evening. Bombs were falling on our homes, so we ran out into the streets carrying our children, not knowing where else to go.”

She continued saying: “You cannot imagine the terror we and our children felt…my daughter got sick because she was so terrified, and I didn’t know what to do for her, where to take her. All I could find were some cold compresses to reduce her fever.”

“The girls were shaking with fear, and the men were looking at their children, unable to protect them,” she said.

And Ashraf Al Kodra, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, announced that since the start of what Israel is calling “Operation Protective Edge”, 264 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 1,990 others have been injured as of 16:10 (local time) on Friday.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has published a primary list identifying the victims who were killed. 58 children and 27 women are amongst the dead.

The Israeli Air Force has launched intense air raids on Gaza since July 7, when the Israeli military began “Operation Protective Edge”. And on Thursday evening, the Israeli military announced that they would begin a significant expansion of their operation, launching a ground military invasion on Gaza, in order to target “terrorists” from Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Department of Public Works, as a result of “Operation Protective Edge”, around 694 housing units have been completely destroyed, and over 14,500 housing units have been damaged.

Translated by Ayah Badran

Story by Donia Al Watn


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