Heavy Israeli artillery shelling “batter” east of Gaza city, Red Cross Can’t help!


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – More than 200 artillery shells fell in the eastern parts of Gaza city. Israeli army has been firing artillery shells indiscriminately leaving 5 dead, 40 wounded.

Shells hit 60 houses and caused essential damage and set fire into some houses.  Civilians in the area pleaded for an urgent help to evacuate them but ambulances were not able due to heavy shelling.

According to Palestinian Journalist, Yousef Al helou, the eastern part of Gaza has been under heavy random tank shelling, many people injured in the ongoing assaults.

He added, “The red cross say they do they job and coordinate with the Red Crescent society, by coordinating with the Israeli army to allow the ambulances to evacuate the wounded. People are outraged from the Red Cross”
Mr. Al-Helou notes that the Red Cross should have a greater role in saving civilian lives.


By PT Team in Gaza


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