Hamas slams Israel responsibility of Cairo talks failure


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – The Islamic movement, Hamas slammed Israeli occupation the responsibility of Cairo negotiations failure.
Sami Abu Zohri, the spokesman of the movement stated, “The failure of ceasefire talks is due to Israeli procrastination and lack of will to reach an agreement.”
He called for not wasting the opportunity of achieving ceasefire.
Abu Zohri confirmed that the movement can deal with all the possibilities and developments following the failure of the talks.
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry extended the period of truce at Monday morning for the fourth time respectively for 24 hours. The short 24 hours ceasefire was reached in order to reach final agreement on the truce.
Israel violated the ceasefire today and killed 1 woman, 1 child in a series of air raids across Gaza. Palestinian resistance retaliated to the Israeli attacks and fired a number of homemade rockets.


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