Gazans collect pebbles to rebuild their city


sea1_copyGaza, April 14, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) – Number of Palestinian workers choose  Gaza shore to sift for pebbles and stones. Photo by: Mohammed Asad


















Workers collect pebbles from the rubbles of houses which were destroyed in the Israeli war on Gaza. Photo by: Mohammed Asad













They divid pebbles and stones according to their size. Photo by: Mohammed Asad













The workers sell the collected pebbles to stone manufacturing factories to be used again in producing new building stones. Photo by: Mohammed Asad













Collecting pebbles is the hardest job for hundred of unemployed workers in Gaza. Even children work in this job. Photo by: Mohammed Asad













Sifting for pebbles is one of the means Gazans use to counter the siege, as Israel bans the entry of construction materials since three years, and to rebuild the destroyed houses in the war.Photo by: Mohammed Asad




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