Gaza under Israeli Attack: Day 1


Gaza under Israeli Attack: Day 1

Graph shows the statistics of Israeli attacks against Gaza.

Euro-mid Observer for Human Rights, headquartered in Geneva, published preliminary statistics on the first day of the Israeli Occupation assault on the besieged Gaza.

The Euro-mid Observer cited that 17 Palestinians were killed during the Israeli attacks before Tuesday midnight, 8th of July which marks the first day of the aggression, including 4 children and 13 senior citizens.

The number of Palestinians wounded reached 122 civilians, their injuries ranged between medium, minor and serious; of which 26 children, 5 women and 90 senior citizens.

The Euro-mid stated that the number of Israeli rockets fired on Gaza exceeded 447 missiles; 374 aerial strikes, 39 naval rockets and 65 artillery shells.

Statistics recorded 111 houses destroyed since the beginning of the aggression; of which 17 houses were totally destroyed and 95 were partially destroyed.

Additionally, the Israeli warplanes targeted two mosques and the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis south of the Gaza Strip, which caused damages to the hospital. An ambulance was also targeted.


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