Gaza massacre 2014 exposes the Arab Zionists


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Israel is fighting the resistance “Moqawama” by publishing articles and videos named “Arab Zionists” which is calling for the damage of Gaza and the support of Israel.

In every war, there is a fifth column. In the current Gaza War, the fifth column “Arab Zionists” doesn’t only include the names of Egyptian writers, politicians and journalists, it includes as well a long list of other Arabs from different countries. Even some of the social media followers took fun of the Arab Zionists by writing:” Did you condole the Arab Zionists for the capture of their brother ‘Shaul Aron’!”

Dr.Seif Abdel Fattah, the professor of political sciences at Cairo University, said “They are shame .They are besieging and participating in killing the bravest of all Arabs ‘The Palestinians’”



Egyptian and Gulf writers and media figures who defended the Israeli attack on Gaza were added to the list and who also attacked the Palestinian Resistance and called for its crush. The Israeli newspapers, TV channels and social media celebrated people like: Tawfiq Okasha,Amani Alkhayat, Youssef Elhusseiny, Ahmad Musa, Mazhar Shahin,Wael AlAbrashi, Lamees Alhadidi, Abdel Rahim Ali, Amr Adeeb, Hayat El Dardiri and Lamees Jaber.



Even the post “Israel BilArabi” claimed that citizens from ten countries in the Middle East distributed on Facebook pictures showing their support for Israel under the slogan “I stand with Israel.” The post also published pictures of people from Qatar, Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Arab and Islamic countries holding their passports and ‘I stand with Israel’ written on their hands.

A Saudi said:” Palestinian Resistance is Nonsense.”

An Israeli website published an article written by a Saudi writer titled “The nonsense Palestinian Resistance slogans”. Also the Middle East Media Research Institute “Memri” ,which was founded by the retired Israeli Soldier Yigal Carmon ,translated into English an article written by the Saudi writer Abdullah Hameed Aldeen which was published in Alhayat Newspaper on the 12th of July titled: ‘There is who says : To Win….. Don’t Resist!’

Memri website introduced the article by this:” Saudi writer: nonsense Palestinian Resistance slogans, the only way to fight Israel making peace with it.” Memri added: “The Saudi writer criticized the Palestinian reactions towards the situation. For example, he thinks ‘the Right of Return’ is something not practical and unreal, their demand to boycott Israel is hypocritical .All what is happening is self-destruction ongoing policy .The Palestinian acts were always lost opportunities since the rise of the State of Israel .He described the policy of the endless suffering of the Palestinian refugees is an immoral act.”

What the Prince, Turki Bin Faisal, wrote in the Israeli Newspaper ‘Haaretz’ was widely celebrated. He wished to visit the Israel Museum and will be delighted to invite the Israelis to visit his house in the city of AlRiyad.
Fighting Palestinian Resistance with Arabic Articles

Part of the Israeli psychological warfare is the use of what liberal and anti-islamic stream writers’ publish. In which Hamas and the Palestinian resistance are criticized. This weapon was first used during the Zionist attack on Gaza in 2008 which resulted in around 1300 martyrs and 5400 wounded who were mostly children and women. The Israeli Foreign Ministry kept on publishing Arabic Articles consistently which criticized ‘the terrorism of Hamas and AL Jihad’, who are toys in Persian hands. The Articles also tribute the Israeli democracy and the Israeli right in their Promised Land…. mentioned in the Torah … in Palestine.



The Zionist Media Orientation went on during the 2012 and the recent 2014 attacks. Even the Israeli Army spokesman said: “The new social media sites are considered new weapons to gain the World Public Opinion. “While the Israeli Ministry of Defence considered the internet  ‘A War Zone’.


The Israeli Foreign Ministry republished articles from Arabic newspapers like the Saudi ‘The Middle East’, the Egyptian ‘Alahram’ and the Kuwaiti ‘Alwatan’ and ‘AlRai’ which condemn resistance and support the Israeli accuses that the reason behind the war is the kidnapping and the killing of the three Israelis.

The articles written by ‘Tareq Alhameed ‘ in the “Middle East Newspaper” are the most published, especially his two articles:’ Gaza’s blood is a commercial project ‘ and ‘ The Arabs vote against Hamas’.

The worst article was written by the Kuwaiti writer ‘Abdullah AL Hudloq’ and which was published in Alwatan and ALRai newspapers. He says: “The Israeli Army get rid of the Palestinian Terrorist… keep on following the crazy Hamas leaders who are hiding behind the religion and dealership it…..crush them, exterminate them and teach them a lesson they will never forget. Like the lesson you taught the terrorist Hizbullah in 2006… Relief Gaza from these terrorist movements.”



The Israeli Foreign Ministry previously celebrated and still Egyptian writers like Anees Mansour, Hussein AlSaraj, Tawfiq Okasha, Hayat Aldardiri, Ahmad Musa and others.



The comments released by Egyptian and Arab writers and Journalists supporting Israel and its attack on Gaza, made activists on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter  to release a hash-tag called ” Arab Zionists” and included a list named “the Shame List”.



Some of the comments in this Hash-tag: “we will not win the battle with Israel until we get rid of the fifth column.” Photos of the Israeli soldiers crying their killed mates were added with the comment: “the Zionists are crying their dead, hopefully the Arab Zionists will be next”. Another comment was:” The Arab Zionists are the worst fruit of the counter-revolution.”

Translated by: Hala Abu Sharar Via  Algeria website


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