Gaza Electricity: Power blackout reached 100%


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Jamal Dardasawy, PR manager in Gaza Electricity Company, said that Gaza strip is completely without any electricity. Today it’s even worse after bombing Rafah – Khan younes power line that extends from northern Rafah to Erez and there is no other working power line, what we need is to get electricity into Gaza not just distributing it.

Dardasawy in a radio interview added: “We are trying to save power lines inside Gaza strip while waiting for electricity to be brought into Gaza strip, the problem there in only one incoming line supplying just one neighborhood in Rafah with electricity, and electricity coming from Israel through 10 lines that have been cutoff”.

Dardasawy pointed out that Israel allows fixing some power lines then deliberately bombs them again.
Dardasawy’s final statement was: “Our message to the world and its organizations, the civil life in Gaza has been assassinated, we need electricity and we have no other alternatives except getting it from Israel because it’s the shortest route to end the crisis”.
(Translated by: Khaled Abdel-Rahman)
Via Donia Alwatn


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