Following an Israeli massacre, thousands flee eastern Gaza parts


Thousands of families escaped the eastern parts of Gaza city as Israel committed a heinous massacre against civilians in Al Shijaya neighbourhood. Civilians are taking refuge into public and UNRWA schools in addition to taking refuge at their relatives’ houses.


Israel has been attacking the eastern parts of Gaza since yesterday evening. The heavy attacks targeted civilian houses only. No resistance fighters were killed so far.


Israel opened its heavy and random artillery shelling against civilian homes in the area.


A number of 50 Palestinians have been killed this morning as Israeli army shelled the entire parts of Al Shijaya area in eastern Gaza strip. Entire areas in Al Shaf, Alshijaya and al Toffah (the eastern parts of these neighbourhoods) were heavily bombarded leaving 50 dead and 400 wounded.


More than 600 artillery shells fell in the eastern parts of Gaza city. Israeli army has been firing artillery shells indiscriminately leaving scores of casualties.


Many families are trapped in their homes in these areas and can’t leave. Paramedics are not able to access these areas as Israel targets their ambulances. 1 paramedic was killed and 5 ambulanced were bombed as they tried to save civilian lives.


Amani Owda, a civilian who escaped from Gaza city said that Israel bombarded their area while people were attempting to leave their homes. She further stated that bodies are spread in the streets which includes children, women and elders.


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