Contribution Guidelines

Contribution Guidelines

The Palestine Telegraph Contribution Guidelines

The Palestine Telegraph/PT is the first Electronic Newspaper based in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, staffed by Palestinians and international volunteers; professional journalists and members of the New Fourth Estate – citizen journalists who do not take assignments from editors or paychecks from corporate controlled media.

It is the policy of The Palestine Telegraph to publish opinions from all sides of current issues. The editorial team does not endorse or share the opinion expressed in everything published. We believe in free speech and want to promote discussion. We believe it is only in discussing and challenging all opinions that understanding can be reached. Some of the opinions we publish may not be agrreable with eberyone. If you find an article offensive please respond to the article expressing your point of view, or send us your own article on why you disagree with the expressed opinion.

The Palestine Telegraph will showcase a diverse community of Arab and international writers.

The Palestine Telegraph is dedicated to upholding and expressing the right of freedom of conscience, speech, and dissent, and encourages creative writing to attract a worldwide readership.

1 – All are free to contribute and publication will be based on professional criteria, not ideological or personal backgrounds.
2 – The contributor’s article will only be edited for grammar, punctuation and spelling if necessary.

Financial compensation:

The Palestine Telegraph is an all volunteer effort and is unable to offer compensation to writers or correspondents. The author of the article retains the copyright.

The Palestine Telegraph editing team seeks the following types of articles:

1 – Articles that tackle daring ideas and are controversial or unconventional; as long as they are supported by factual and logical evidence and do not violate general Arab cultural norms or common decency.

2 – Articles that present unprecedented ideas.

3 – Articles on current events with analytical perspective that transcend the obvious and rise above superficial reasoning.

4 – Dramatic or satirical articles with an interesting and entertaining style.

5 – Articles that recount personal experiences; such as diaries or eye witness accounts written with style and in a compelling manner.

The Palestine Telegraph welcomes articles on politics, economics, sports, society, arts, history, religion, health, culture, women, science, satire and humor.