Championship West age groups (youth, and Cubs, and buds)



Palestine, February 25, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) -Took place yesterday evening in the city of Bethlehem, the West Bank to draw at the age groups (youth, and Cubs, and buds) under the supervision of the Technical Committee Chairman Issa in the Palestinian Federation of Canaan and the presence of Vice President of the Radwan al-Sharif, and the secretary beauty of Morocco, and the Treasurer Ahmed O’Brien, during which the draw After completing all the provinces qualifying race for the Interior and Champions for each category.

Kanaan said, stressing that the Commission took into account the distribution of heroes classified according to groups and regions, and try to find the balance that makes it all matches the scene of confrontations between groups of young bursts, and the Cubs, and buds on each end with a view to convincing performance away from cramps adults, and will ensure the full requirements art that makes this tournament a milestone for the Union in terms of supervision and regulation.

He thanked the club for hosting this Azzun qualifying and the provision of (6) tables to establish this legal awaited tournament, which kicks off race for starting the morning after tomorrow, Friday, at exactly nine o’clock in the morning.

And included lots of the following groups, each according to its class: —

· Young category:

Group I: Tamer Hijazi, Ihab Natshe, and my dream of Ramadan, Uday Hoso.

Group II: Munther Salah, Fadi peaceful, and Niall human beings, and Osama Tayeh.

Group III: Abdullah Alqam, and Firas Freij, and Islam Minawi, Tariq Ziad.

Group D: Moroccan Ali, Rami peaceful, and Ahmed humans, Shadi return.

Group E: Majdi Shweiki, Fadi al-Sharif, Mohammed tolerance, and the owner of Zahran.

Group F: Faris al-Shareef, Ala Bannoura, Ahmed Alipidip, Ibrahim return.

Cubs · category:

Group I: Hatem El-Moghrabi, and Khader Ibrahim, and Moataz Kaddoumi, and Ehab Tayeh.

Group II: Ahmed Al-Maghrabi, Hossam Dofash, and Ammar Ezzat, and the owner of Aldamouni.

Group III: Omar al-Khatib and Mustafa Flanh, Abdul Hussein, and weighs Abdul Rahim.

Group D: Mohammad sad, and to facilitate to facilitate Muslim, left Ashtiyeh, and Laith glory.

Group E: Abdullah Abu Khadir and Tamer Junaidi, and Dean of the roof Hait, and Ahmad Al-Adly.

Group F: Mohammed Bseiso, and Ammar al-Sharif, Mustafa Flanh, Hadi glory.

General · buds:

Group I: Ibrahim al-Maghrabi, Ahmed Salah, Ahmed Flanh, Abdul Rahim Abu blessing.

Group B: Hamza al-Abidin, Anas al-Sharif, and Bahaa Essam, Othman Abdul Razak.

Group III: Mohammed Al Zagari, and Thaer Junaidi, Ghaith Adeli, and Ali Mohamed Asira.

Group D: Mohammed of Morocco, and forbid Shtayeh, and innocent Essam, and Anas Mohammad Saleem.

This has been chosen by the Technical Committee identified the first four from each category to represent Palestine in the championships which will be held later in the Arab countries.

It is expected that part of Palestine in Jerusalem, which will be starring in Yemen during the month of March next to the category of youth, and starring Bahrain, which will be held in August next to the categories of the Cubs and young people.

This is expected to be crowned European Champions awards outstanding at the end of tournaments attended by the entire membership of the Council and their sponsors.

For his part, stressed the Technical Committee Chairman Issa Kanaan to the participating clubs to escort each player is 16 years or over his ID card, and the players under sixteen years that accompany birth certificates


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