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25 cancer patients detained in Israeli jails

An official Palestinian human rights report has affirmed that chronic disease had spread among Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails. A report by the ministry of prisoners in Ramallah on Monday said that 25 Palestinian prisoners are cancer-stricken due to medical neglect in Israeli prisons. It said that most of the cancer cases were detected […]


Reading Palestinian Prison Diaries

There are many moving passages that can be found in these excerpts from prison diaries and recollections of 22 Palestinians. What is most compelling is how much the material expresses the shared concerns of these prisoners despite great variations in writing style and background. A few keywords dominate the texts: pain, God or Allah, love, […]


Israeli army steal $3 million

During the course of Israel’s three-week campaign of mass arrests in the West Bank, ostensibly to search for the killers of three settlers, the Israeli military and police conducted an average of 18 raids per day into Palestinian homes, charities and businesses, stealing cash and property worth an estimated $3 million, documents a newreport from the […]


Injuries in confrontations with the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem, (Palestine Telegraph) – Dozens of Jerusalemites have been injured while other suffered suffocation cases during confrontations with Israeli occupation forces in many neighborhoods and villages in occupied Jerusalem. Hani Halabieyh, a spokesman of public resistance committees said to Safa News Agency that violent confrontation erupted between Jerusalemites youths and Israeli occupation forces in […]