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Know that you are in Gaza

I think that no one in this world does not know Gaza, but not because of geography and maps, but thanks to the smoke and flames of fire rising from the Gaza Strip, from the color of blood and body-parts in pictures, from the cries of women and children and the groans of the bereaved […]


Voices from Gaza: What If I Were Her

Gaza-  By Nesreen Kamal- I was about to sleep, putting my head on my red heart-shaped pillow, and covering my body with half of a blanket. The music was playing calmly when, suddenly, the beautiful harmonic tones were buried by a very high & violent sound of an Israeli air raid nearby. I almost fell […]


Palestinian Civil Society: International aid agencies in oPt cover up Israeli crimes

Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Palestinian Civil Society Calls on International Allies to Hold Israel Accountable for its Violations in Gaza. Palestinian civil society organizations are shocked at the irresponsible public reactions of major international aid agencies working in the oPt toward Israel’s latest military assault on Gaza. In recent weeks, numerous international bodies and organizations […]


In Gaza: No Cease-fire without real justice

Between a political combat to broker a “just” cease fire; with Egypt and Saudi Arabia on one side and Qatar and Turkey on the other, the death toll in Gaza rises, Israel renews in beating Gaza with internationally condemned weapons at disproportionate force and continues to breach any humanitarian cease fire agreed upon by all […]


Israel slaughters Gaza children as the world remains silent

London, (Palestine Telegraph) – As Israel continues to bombard the Gaza strip, pursue in collectively punishing Palestinians in the West Bank and Occupied territories, the Arab world and international governments remain silent. Amid a diplomatic battle between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, America continues to play the familiar role of Israel’s personal keeper. As the world […]