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BP poised to seal ruptured Gulf of Mexico well

BP was on Saturday set to cap a months-long effort to end the worst maritime oil spill in history with a death choke that will permanently seal its ruptured Gulf of Mexico well. The British energy giant began pumping cement into the busted well on Friday, after which “standard plugging and abandonment procedures for the relief well” will go […]


Tax on carbon: The only way to save our planet?

London, (Pal Telegraph) – Professor James Hansen’s last formal engagement was delivering a keynote paper to the American Geophysical Union Autumn meeting. After that, he spent the holidays not enjoying wintry walks or taking advantage of the sales, but doing something altogether more industrious. “I’m writing a paper to provide the scientific basis for [law]suits […]


Lead spills spark Fremantle Port export ban

London, (Pal Telegraph) – THE company at the centre of the Esperance lead poisoning scandal has been suspended from exporting the toxic heavy metal through Fremantle.   Acting WA Environment Minister Peter Collier yesterday revealed that monitoring equipment had detected the dangerous powdered carbonate outside double-lined sealed bags in rail containers breaching Magellan Metals’ environmental […]


Bacteria clean up metal waste, then serve as catalysts

London, 27 December, Pal Telegrah) – A group of Danish scientists has developed a method to recycle valuable metals that would ordinarily have to be mined and refined before ending up in chemists’ hands. Their discovery means that the metals could be sourced instead from electronic waste or polluted water and soil. The researchers used two species of bacteria and […]


Global-warming U.S. EPA Sets Timeline for Regulating Global Warming Pollution

London, (Pal Telegraph) – With climate policy gridlock in the U.S. Senate, the Obama administration is slowly and steadily moving forward with regulations the limit greenhouse gas pollution from stationary sources, something that strikes fear in the hearts of oil and coal industry executives everywhere. In the latest development on December 23, the U.S. Environmental […]