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Climate change’s weather vane

Millions of us tune into TV channels everyday to find out what the weather has in store for us. A network of European weather presenters is tapping into the public trust associated with their profession and using their reach with viewers to raise awareness of climate change. The key difference between weather and climate is […]


Climate change leaves Assam tea growers in hot water

Rising temperatures reducing yields and altering distinctive flavour of India’s most popular drink. Climate change is affecting the cultivation of Assam tea, with rising temperatures reducing yields and altering the distinctive flavour of India’s most popular drink, researchers say. High hills and abundant rainfall make the north-eastern state of Assam an ideal place to grow […]


Outlook is bleak as climate change bites

N 2040 Carmarthenshire is experiencing a range of impacts from climate change, both within the area and through the effects on the global and national economy. The landscape, infrastructure and the social fabric of communities is affected. Global average temperatures have continued to rise up to four degrees centigrade from 2008 levels, as the global […]