Bralettes, Voltaire and highlighter hair: festival fashion according to Coachella


By Lauren Cochrane

The California event is the catwalk of festival season. Here are the style lessons that are bound to make it from the desert to muddier climes in 2017

Coachella … the start of the festival season or a thinly disguised photo opportunity for the latest cohort of digital influencers to show off their outfits? You decide. Whichever side you take, there’s no doubt this California-based event – complete with palm-tree backdrops, air-conditioned toilets and enough VIP areas to ensure VIPs need never mix with the great unwashed – is the catwalk of festival fashion; the source of trends for 2017. What you see at the event is what you might wear at Glastonbury – just accessorised with a bit more mud. Here’s the event’s clues to what festival fashion looks like this year.

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Source:: Theguardian


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