Barry Gardiner MP: Israeli actions not self-defence, it is barbarism


London, (Pal Telegraph)  – On the 14th of July, Israeli war on Gaza was a topic for discussion at the Houses of Commons, where a number of MPs expressed their deep concern and asked the British government to act immediately.
Barry Gardiner MP expressed his anger over the Israeli attacks on Gaza civilians describing them as barbarism.
Barry Gardiner (Brent North) (Lab): Israel’s right to defend itself, of which the Foreign Secretary speaks, is not an unconstrained right, yet Israel’s response has been unconstrained. It has been disproportionate and wrong. Heavy bombing in a densely populated area with 100,000 civilians, causing the death of 170 people, a third of them children, is not self-defence, it is barbarism. What leverage does the Foreign Secretary have and will he now apply it to make the Israeli Government reappraise this barbaric and unproductive strategy?


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