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Jessica Simpson a generous tipper

London, (Pal Telegraph) – The singer, actress and reality TV star recently left an extra 60 per cent on a $500 restaurant bill after dining with her mother, assistant and two other friends at New York Italian restaurant Lavo. As well as leaving a $300 tip for the $500 bill, she also left a positive […]


Tokyo Disneyland reopens after quake

London, (Pal Telegraph) – It’s billed as “the happiest place on Earth.” And Friday, Disneyland’s Tokyo theme park reopened in hopes of bringing some of that missing happiness back to the Japanese people. The park has been closed since the March 11 earthquake that devastated northern Japan and the electricity shortage that followed. Disney fans […]


Climate change’s weather vane

Millions of us tune into TV channels everyday to find out what the weather has in store for us. A network of European weather presenters is tapping into the public trust associated with their profession and using their reach with viewers to raise awareness of climate change. The key difference between weather and climate is […]


BP poised to seal ruptured Gulf of Mexico well

BP was on Saturday set to cap a months-long effort to end the worst maritime oil spill in history with a death choke that will permanently seal its ruptured Gulf of Mexico well. The British energy giant began pumping cement into the busted well on Friday, after which “standard plugging and abandonment procedures for the relief well” will go […]


Israel partially opens Karem Abu Salem crossing

Israeli authorities opened Thursday Karem  Abu  Salem crossing located in the southern part of Gaza strip to allow the entry of limited quantities of aids and goods. Raed Fatouh, Gaza crossing official, said that Israeli authorities opened today Karem Abu Salem crossing  partially to allow the entry of 290-300 vans loaded with aids and goods […]