Another UN Shelter bombed by Israel, 10 dead


Gaza, (Palestine Telegraph) – Another Israeli strike killed 10 Palestinian civilians as the Israeli army bombarded a UN school used as a shelter by civilians. The school is being run by UNRWA and the exact GPS coordinates were given to the Israelis. More than 50 people were wounded in the brutal attack.


Israel has already targeted more than 7 UN shelter and killed a number of their UN staff. The attacks on UN shelters which accommodates refugees claimed the lives of more than 900 people.


Moreover and since the beginning of the assault on Gaza, the Israeli forces have targeted more than eight water and sanitation stations providing services to more than 700,000 civilians, as well as the damaging 147 schools.


A Human rights report by Euro-Mid stated, “UNRWA facilities have not been spared by the Israeli attacks either. Since the beginning of the assault, seven schools have been directly targeted, killing and wounding dozens of people, in addition to more than 100 schools being affected.”


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