A new vogue in editors – fashion archive, 20 April 1992


By Louise Chunn

20 April 1992: Should journalists with no fashion experience run Britain’s leading style magazines? Louise Chunn on publishing’s new debate

What is going on at British fashion magazines? This is not a frivolous hemline query – though, if you’re interested, they do appear to be dipping – but a matter of serious media concern. In the past three months, the editorships of the two major British fashion magazines Vogue and Elle have both changed hands. To the shock of fashion pundits, both have gone to applicants with no previous fashion experience.

Alexandra Shulman, 34, at Vogue and now Angela Palmer, 35, who takes over at Elle in May, are both seasoned journalists with editing experience. But neither of them is, in the industry’s eyes, a “fashion person” with the artistic eye, industry contacts and drop-dead chic wardrobe to prove it. In the insular fashion world, this is the cause of great concern. Just what are the publishers playing at?

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Source:: Theguardian


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