$ 250 million are the initial losses of the Israeli industry


Jerusalem, (Palestine Telegraph) – Israel Radio said that the initial damage to industry in (Israel) at the moment, is about 875 million shekels ($ 250 million), because of the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

During the Radio Bulletin about the economic consequences of the military operation, it was mentioned that the majority of the damage was in the industrial areas in the Centre and South of the occupied Palestinian territory, which from the first day became an easy target for rockets of Palestinian factions in Gaza.

According to the report, the information technology sector, the metal industry, and the food industry where on top of the losses to the industrial sector; however, the losses to some industries, such as defense industry are not yet recognized due to military censorship.

The Israeli military censorship imposes a news blackout on casualties caused by (Israel) aggression on Gaza. In particular, information on the number of casualties in the Israeli military, and economic losses (industrial and agricultural sectors and stocks and consumer force…).

According to Haaretz newspaper in an article written by one one of the columnists, Friday 25-7-2014, pointed out that the real loss if published to the Israeli public, “and I mean economic loss, there will be a revolution in the country, as there are talks about billions between industry, tourism, and aviation sectors, and in the economic growth and investment.”

Israeli researcher Muhannad Akel considered that the losses being advertised, are designed primarily to provide the media with information, because the law in the right to access information in Israel applies, “but does the military censorship offer complete information?”.

Akel said during an interview with Anatolia News Agency that “all the facts will not be published even after the end of the military operations, because any information about casualties, will push the efforts of the government  to invest in Israel into the abyss.”

Akel considered that $ 250 million, is much less than the losses suffered by an advanced economy such as the Israeli economy, “but there are investors, whom Israel is afraid to see escape to other markets if they know about their real loss.”

The Israeli have been launching air, ground, and sea aggression since the 8th of July, called “steadfast shelf”. They took the lives of more then 1049 Palestinian civilians, including 208 children,109 women, 40 old men, and wounding more than 5900 others in various injuries, 1779  children, 1360 woman, and 230 elderly, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Transcribed by: Suzan Khalaf
Beirut- Lebanon


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